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Seminar Report

Seminar 2: Institutional Innovation and Change The second Innovation Seminar feeding back the lessons learned from the Institutional Innovations Programmes was held on 3rd December. The seminar focussed on lessons from projects around institutional change, in particular design and development of processes to support the take-up of innovative technologies across institutions. The seminar can be [...]

Seminar Presentation and Recording

The seminar can be viewed in Elluminate at Institutional Change: practice, systems and process 3rd  December   (http://elluminate.jisc-ssbr.net/play_recording.html?recordingId=1250872206854_1291375269759 )  and a copy of the presentation is available for download here http://ssbr1210.inin.jisc-ssbr.net/files/2010/12/Seminar2-Institutional-Change.pdf


1130 – 1200 Log in to Elluminate, post a brief comment about yourself to the chat area 1200 – 1210 Introduction and overview of the synthesis process: Innovation Themes 1210 – 1225 Lessons on institutional change 1225 – 1250 Break out into discussion groups 1250 – 1300 Plenary and closing remarks

Lessons for discussion

1. New change approaches – New Technologies There are no new approaches to institutional change management? Agree/Disagree Answer: It may have been just these projects, but they appear to have realised that they need to be more systematic when it comes to implementing joined up systems and processes, hence we are seeing a lot more [...]

Briefings for consultation

The lessons from the synthesis of the Institutional Innovation programme are being summarised in a series of briefings to inform the JISC. Please see the following Institutional Innovation and Change Overview (Read this first) Briefing Paper 4: Innovation and Management of Institutional Change Briefing Paper 5: Tools for Institutional Development Briefing Paper 6: The Management [...]

Innovation Seminar II: “Institutional change: practice, systems and processes”

The second JISC-SSBR Institutional Innovation online seminar to feedback and consult on some of the conclusions from the synthesis of Institutional Innovation projects takes place as follows Date: Friday 3rd Dec  2010 Time: 12:00-13:00 (please login to elluminate between 11.30 and 12:00) Venue: Elluminate Session – http://elluminate.jisc-ssbr.net/join_meeting.html?meetingId=1250872206854 Registration: To register for the event please complete [...]